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United States Propaganda was pretty useful!

The propaganda poster was used to pursuade people to buy War Bonds.

Although the United States was the last nation to enter World War I on April 2nd, 1917, Americans had no problem getting everyone almost everyone involved. Artists used propaganda posters to motivate Americans, young and old, to contribute to the role of the Untied States in the war.

The thought of glory, fame, and heroism was one of the main motivators for men. Propaganda often hinted signs of heroism, convincing them that after the war was over, they would be known as heroes. If this wasn’t enough to encourage young men to join the army, artists also used women as a motivator. Women were shown as pretty young girls, who beckon the men to join and fight alongside with them. Another way of having men join the army was by depicting the enemy as bloodthirsty monsters by characterizing the monsters with something the enemy would have. Several propaganda posters often displayed pictures of monsters attacking the people of the United States. This enraged American citizens, and provoked them into joining the army.

 Propaganda was also encourage citizens to support the armies. Posters often contained  children smiling and holding a war bond, with certain words like, “Buy a War Bond today”, or, “Support our troupes by buying a War Bond”. War bonds are government-issued savings bonds which were used to fund a war or military activity. If supporters bought more war bonds, the war would be properly funded. Other propaganda  were used to ask for help. Some posters showed the need for supplies. These posters convinced caring citizens to make items, such as clothing, for the soldiers. It also convinced them to grow their own crops, to save the soldiers food. Propaganda also helped provide jobs for unemployed citizens. War required weapons, so propaganda was put up to help speed up the production of weapons. This allowed many opportunities for people.

With the examples provided, we can see that propaganda has played an important role for the United States during World War I.





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